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The Municipal Court hears all violations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code, petty disorderly and disorderly person offenses, quasi-criminal matters, and violations of Town Code ordinances. The court also offers a Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) to aid in resolving neighbor and minor disputes.

New Jersey Statutes, Town Code Ordinances, and Violation Bureau Schedules are available for public inspection during business hours. All court sessions and videoconferences are open to the public.


Court Notice

Court Notice – Spanish

Court Staff:
Gerard J. Shamey
Phillipsburg & Alpha Municipal Court Judge

Lauri Kaulius
Certified Municipal Court Administrator
908-454-5500, ext. 326

Kristi Anthes
Deputy Municipal Court Administrator
908-454-5500, ext. 327

Dawn Parry
Violations Clerk
908-454-5500, ext. 328

Steven Siegel, Municipal Prosecutor

Jennifer Toth, Public Defender

Mailing address:

Phillipsburg & Alpha Boro Municipal Court
1001 East Boulevard
Alpha, NJ 08865

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Main office line: 908-454-3211
Fax Line 908-454-8241

Court Sessions:

Every Wednesday: 11:00 AM
Videoconferences: 6:00 PM


Important Links:

Complaint Packet

Your Day in Court Informational Brochure- English language

Your Day in Court Informational Brochure – Spanish language

Municipal Court Appeals Form

New Jersey Judiciary Records Request Form – State of New Jersey website designed for online payments of motor vehicle violations. It also contains links to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for information regarding the New Jersey State Point System. – Administrative Office of the Court's internet site. – New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission internet site for general customer service and information.

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