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Patrol Division

The patrol division is the largest division within the police department and is the front line and cornerstone of the department functions. Officers respond on a daily basis to the needs of the community in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. Officers assigned to the Patrol Division conduct both proactive and reactive patrol functions throughout the town, which include, but are not limited to, traffic enforcement, drug enforcement, and quality of life crimes. Officers conduct criminal investigations of all crimes and assist other divisions of the department when called upon.

The Patrol Division consists of four patrol squads. Each squad consists of a Lieutenant (shift commander), Sergeant (patrol supervisor), and four or five Patrolman (patrol officers).  All members of the patrol division work a 12-hour shift and work a four-on, four-off schedule working days, nights, holidays, and weekends to protect life and property for the citizens of the town.

The Patrol Division utilizes marked and unmarked police vehicles as well as SUVs for patrol. Several patrol vehicles are equipped with an MDT (mobile data terminal) for efficiency in obtaining information on individuals or motor vehicles, which is helpful in identifying wanted persons and violations of the state motor vehicle code. This also allows Officers to complete reports while still on the road. Additional patrol vehicles are equipped with radar units and one is equipped with an LPR (license plate reader) which has multiple uses for law enforcement.

The Patrol Division is supervised by a Captain of the Police Department.


Criminal Investigation Division - CID

The Phillipsburg Criminal Investigation Division, commonly referred to as CID is staffed by a Detective Lieutenant and three Detectives.  When a crime or incident has occurred the initial investigation is completed by the patrol division.  The CID is responsible for conducting the follow-up investigations of crimes and incidents initially investigated by the patrol division. Typically, these investigations by CID include crimes that have been committed against people or property.  The CID also investigates backgrounds for Firearms Applications.

Although each case has one detective assigned as the primary investigator, success is often the result of the collaborative effort amongst all members of the unit.  The Criminal Investigation Unit members also complete a high level of training. The Criminal Investigations Division has two detectives trained in Crime Scene Investigations and one detective trained in arson investigations.



Special Operations Division - SOD

The Special Operations Division (SOD) is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of citizens' complaints of narcotics and quality of life issues.  Police personnel assigned to the Special Operations Division are involved in a variety of investigations and services.  These investigations involve covert operations involving surveillance and detectives working in an undercover capacity.

The Special Operations Division works closely with neighboring police departments and other County, state, and federal agencies.  The SOD has been effective with the support of the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Task Force.  The SOD, as with all of the Divisions within the Department, remains focused on improving the quality of life for residents.

In addition to the primary investigations completed by this Division, the detectives are responsible for conducting background investigations for Liquor Licenses.  The Special Operations Division is staffed by one Detective who reports to the Detective Lieutenant in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division.    


Both the Criminal Investigation and Special Operations Division are supervised by a Captain of the Police Department.

Patrol Division
Special Operations
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