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Police non-emergency line: 908-835-2002

Click on the name below to send an email or call 908-454-5501 and use the extensions listed below:

Robert Stettner, Chief of Police, ext. 325

Travis Zechman, Captain, ext. 318

Michael Swick, Captain, ext. 329

John Franceschino, Investigations, ext. 382

Marc Mecca, Investigations, ext. 324

Brett Marino, Investigations, ext. 359

James Stettner, Investigations, ext. 336

David Cupon, Investigations, ext. 316

Angela Hoadley, Records Clerk, ext. 323


Investigations Fax: 908-387-8714

Records Fax: 908-454-2708

Patrol Division Fax: 908-454-0243

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