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Broad Street
Cahill Street
Carpentersville Road   
Center Street  
Chambers Street   
Corliss Avenue   
Green Street    
Heckman Street 
Lock Street   
Lock Street  
Logan Street  
Morris Street  
North Main Street   
Roseberry Street  
South Main Street 
Stockton Street    
Warren Street   
Warren Street    

From Fifth Street to North Main Street
From Lynn Road to Center Street 
From South Main Street to Center Road 
From South Main Street to Roseberry Street  
From Heckman Street to Stockton Street  
From Lincoln Road to Roseberry Street 
From Center Street to Madison Street  
From Chambers Street to Roseberry Street 
From Logan Street east to Town boundary 
From South Main Street to Logan Street  

From Madison Street to Lock Street 
From North Main Street to Miller Street 
From Broad Street to Union Square 
From Belvidere Road to Center Street 
From Union Square to Lock Street 
From South Main Street to Chambers Street      
From Marshall Street to Center Street 
From Marshall Street to Memorial Parkway 

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