To: All Media
From: Chief Robert Stettner
Re: Body-Worn Cameras

The Phillipsburg Police Department is proud to announce the deployment of body-worn cameras. It is the policy of the Phillipsburg Police Department to utilize Body Worn Cameras to their fullest extent for the day-to-day patrol function and to maintain the necessary safeguards that will ensure the non-discriminating use as well as the proper preservation of evidence that may be obtained through use of this technology.

The Phillipsburg Police Department’s goal is that Body Worn Cameras will be worn to enhance community trust and record public interactions in an official capacity. You will see the cameras on the police officer's outermost garment, in the center of the upper body. The body-worn cameras will be used in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Directive and Phillipsburg Police Department policy.


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Kenneth W Red Vandergrift.jpg

Honor Guard service of fallen Officer Kenneth "Red" Vandergrift.

November 20, 1930, Ptl. Kenneth "Red" Vandergrift was mortally wounded by gunfire during a domestic disturbance. Today, 90 years later we remember his sacrifice for the citizens of Phillipsburg.

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